Wedding Planner in Goa

Best wedding planner in Goa

Whenever people think of going somewhere in summer, then the very first place suggested is Goa. A place which is famous for its beaches, food, churches, and late-night parties. If you are planning to have a destination wedding in Goa, then this blog will help you to enjoy and celebrate a hell of a time there. Here you can also know about the best destination wedding planner in Goa.

Why should you choose Goa?

Apart from being a paradise for a bachelor, Goa is also a fantastic place for people who want to become one for life. Their white sand beaches and great weather make a perfect combination to see the girl of your dream walking down the aisle towards you. Goa has been serving itself as a wedding destination for couples around the world for years.
Already people love coming to Goa to spend their vacations and now they have a perfect reason for visiting Goa. Your wedding would give an unforgettable experience to you and the people you invite. Even you get a chance to create new memories with your friends, and this time they can’t even refuse the offer, as it is your wedding.
You don’t even have to spend more on decoration, as Goa is already so beautiful and photogenic. And each part of it beautifies itself naturally.

Wedding Venue In Goa

There are many places in Goa to plan out your big day in. Goa is full of churches and beaches to make your wedding a day to remember. Some of them are.

Zeebop by the Sea
It is a famous award-winning restaurant. Many of you would recall this name through food magazines and shows. This restaurant has been featured in many travel shows. They are worldwide known for their tropical ambiance, seafood, and beautiful sunsets.
Stone Water Eco Resort
This resort is located on Santream Beach; a place known for its calm and quiet environment. They have outdoor swimming, massage parlors, and a spa to offer to their customers. This means your invitees can have a great stay in this hotel and enjoy each part of the marriage celebrations.
Riva Beach Resort
You can find this beach resort near the white sand beach of Mandrem; one of the best and finest beaches in Goa. Here in this resort, you can actually make your dream wedding come true. As it’s a villa with rooms having a beachside view. Sounds like a set for a Hollywood movie, right?

Best Wedding Planner in Goa

The best time to get married in Goa is in the middle of October and February. Out of the many Goa wedding planners, you will find the Heart Desires Wedding is on top. They are said to be a budget wedding planner in Goa and make sure their plans follow the COVID-19 restrictions. So that you don’t have to face any kind of legal problems during or after the wedding. Heart Desires Wedding can help you plan each part of the wedding, which means; styling the wedding venues to catering management, they handle everything. They also have a separate website and Social Media Management team, which would take care of social media accounts while you are busy enjoying your day. They know how much this day values by you and your family. And they never fail to fulfill the promise of making this day a special one.

Best Wedding Venues in Goa

The state of Goa, in India, is famous for its beaches and places of worship, and tourism is its primary industry. Tourism is generally focused on the coastal areas of Goa, with decreased tourist activity inland. Foreign tourists, mostly from Europe, arrive in Goa in winter whilst the summer and monsoon seasons see a large number of Indian tourists. Goa handled 2.29% of all foreign tourist arrivals in the country in 2011. As of 2013, Goa was the destination of choice for Indian and foreign tourists, particularly Britons, with limited means who wanted to party. The state was hopeful that changes could be made which would attract a more upscale demographic.