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We at Heart Desires Weddings help you arrange for the best caterer for a wedding ceremony.Big fat Indian weddings are known for their food preparations. Whenever one talks about visiting an Indian wedding, the discussion ends up around the food that would be served there. Our connections and strong associations with renowned caterers, chefs and catering staff help us in arranging for a wedding ceremony of every level. We are well equipped to serve a host of food and beverage varieties from Indian and global cuisine. We plan for catering, find a caterer, analyze his/her expertise based on our internal studies and suggest you the best caterer for the wedding ceremony.

We’ll help you choose the right food in the right amounts, and make sure there is something for everyone.

We can create fully themed, versatile menus for any size event. Whether it’s a sit-down menu, quick grab-and-go options, an elaborately themed feast, delicious buffets, whimsical concessions, or anything else you can imagine—we’ll find options for every occasion. We’re the pros at adding extra touches to truly impress your guests, in addition to working with special dietary restrictions.