Hotel Raas

RAAS is Jodhpur’s first boutique hotel. Our signature look was born from the fusion of modern and ancient styles and the courtyard has become a tranquil haven away from the bustle of Jodhpur’s old town. The hotel comprises four original buildings with three additional contemporary structures, influenced by and contributing to its cultural past as part of the Walled City. The new buildings are modern and contemporary in their use of space and light, and yet grounded in tradition. Indeed, each of its structures is adorned with intricate architectural carvings in the iconic Haveli style of the 18th century, juxtaposed against modern designs and patterns. Jodhpur’s red sand-stone unites the new with the old, as modern designs add an exciting and fresh dimension to the region’s age-old stone carving industry. The magnificent pol, along with the staff quarters and guardhouse, makes a stunning entry to the hotel.


The hotel has thirty-nine rooms and suites, each of which had been constructed to our distinctive design principles. Our signature style balances the historic charm of the original Rajput residence and the sleekness and simplicity of contemporary design. Modern artwork and age-old pink sandstone blend in perfect combination, interspersed with polished black terrazzo and flashes of Jodhpur blue.


Open all day, Raas offers a range of local and international cuisine. Whether you are in the mood for Thai flavors, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, or Rajasthani specialties, Baradari has a fine fare to suit your tastes. Views of the fort and the serene atmosphere of our Haveli courtyard provide a tranquil backdrop for meals all through the day. Ingredients are organic, and locally-grown in our very own chef’s garden, ensuring fresh and flavorsome herbs and vegetables.