Do’s & Don’ts for Summer Weddings

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January 19, 2021

Weddings in India mostly take place in the summer and winter. While the weather during the winters is conducive to indoor weddings, summers pose a challenge for any kind of wedding. In view of this, you may consider the following do and don’ts for summer weddings to make it easier on the guests and the bride and groom.

1 Send your invitations well in advance

Summer may be a popular season to get married. However, it is also the time when everyone plans their holidays and leisure travel. Therefore, it would be wise to inform your guests of the wedding date in advance so that they can also plan accordingly.

2 Provide heat relief

Offer your guests a refreshing and cool welcome drink. You may serve more drinks during the entire duration of the function to keep your guests hydrated and relaxed. Consider including milk shakes and fresh fruit juices in your menu. If it suits your theme and budget, you could include ice candies. Children would love this and it helps to beat the heat as well. Also, select your wedding venue so that there is spite from the heat for your guests. Ensure there is plenty drinking water available to the guests at all times.

3. Consider the time for your wedding

If possible, plan your wedding towards early morning or evening time. Avoid noon and afternoons since this time of the day can get quite unbearably hot for you as well as your guests. If you book an outdoor wedding venue, ensure that there is adequate shade and consider having fans and the comfort of air-conditioned tents. As an after thought, you could provide trendy umbrellas, which enhance the wedding photos. Think about the variety and colour it could add to your wedding album.

4. Consider summer friendly attire

In India, most cultures require the bride to dress grandly in heavy brocades, jewellery, elaborate hair-do and flowers. Incorporating all this into the bride’s attire gives the bride a beautiful and glamorous appearance. However, it can get a little bit uncomfortable during the summer season. It is important that you stay comfortable during your wedding ceremony. Therefore, consider selecting a lighter fabric for your wedding attire. It will help keep your energy levels from going down due to the heat. Moreover, you can enjoy every moment of your wedding. Considering your guest’s comfort, you may suggest a light dress code for them too.

5. Sport a summer friendly hair-do

Along with the fabric and jewelry, it is also important to consider your bridal hair-do. If you would prefer to stay cool, opt for an elegant style with your hair done up in an elegant bun or knot. Long flowing hair looks chic too but try it only if you feel you can carry it off in the heat of the summer. Another option is to highlight your hair. It looks great in photographs. Summer heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Therefore, it is essential to start taking proper care of your hair in advance so that it has a shiny smooth and silky look on the wedding day. Frizzy hair is not what you want in your wedding photographs.

6 . Don’t overlook sun and bug protection

Apart from the issue of your skin getting tanned, summer season also brings with it the problem of bugs and insects. Take care to apply sun protection cream and mosquito repellents. Fumigating the venue or placing insect repellents in the venue will help keep the bugs away from your guests as well. This is essential to keep your guests comfortable else, you may find them excusing themselves earlier than required.

7. Décor

Flowers form a major part of wedding decoration in India. Abundance of beautiful flowers are available in the summer months. You may use these seasonal flowers to decorate your wedding venue. This will also help keep your budget in check. peak to your wedding planner or vendor to avail the best offer.

8. Consider serving a light menu

Appetites are generally low during the hot summer months. Heavy and oily foods are not very tempting and pleasing to the eye. Consider opting for light, refreshing and appealing food. Keep more variety in cool desserts and fresh fruit. For the main course, plan a great meal with your caterer.

9.Powder Room

Consider having a powder room at your wedding venue for your guests where they can freshen up so that they can get some relief from the heat. You could provide some spray bottles, wet wipes and tissues for your guest’s use.

We understand planning a wedding can get very time-consuming. You could easily overlook little things that matter. Therefore, whenever you are planning your summer wedding, you can take a few pointers from our page to have a refreshing and memorable summer wedding.

10.Venue – Indoors or outdoors?

if you wish to have an indoors wedding venue, you may select from the wide variety of air-conditioned banquet halls and wedding halls. In case you are keen on having an outdoor wedding, you can consider a rooftop wedding venue and an evening wedding. A marriage hall with big windows would be great if you want an air-conditioned environment and still have an outdoors feel with the view of the city line or the beautiful sunset from the windows. Another option for outdoor weddings is beachside hotels or resorts. Whatever your plan for the outdoors, do have a backup plan ready just in case the weather turns unfavorable.

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