The Complete Bridal Checklist!!

It’s easy to forget one thing or another, which might lead up to great inconvenience later! But do not worry, our list here is a compilation of all the things you would ever need to prepare for your wedding day. So, here’s the checklist to ease out your worries!

  1. THE GIFTS LIST: This list is one of the most important checklists to be maintained by the bride or groom’s family. It includes a list of all the relatives and friends attending the wedding celebration and the gifts to be given to each one of them. A list of gifts with the person/ family it is supposed to be given to should be maintained.
  2. THE CLOTH BAG:This bag includes your wedding dress, your inners, those corsets and of course stockings (in the case of Catholic weddings), an extra towel, a handy napkin, etc. Basically, it includes every little piece of clothing you can think of and might need in accordance with your outfit! Also, under this option, you include your suitcase that you shall be carrying along to your hubby’s place. Make a list of all the clothing that you desire to carry along with you, which will help you to make all the purchases and also keep a track of all the items that you shall need.
  3. THE MAKEUP BAG:This bag shall include all the cosmetics necessary for your wedding look! Lipstick, Lip-balm, Mascara, Compaq, Blush, Kohl, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Makeup remover, etc. are the basic necessities to be included in this bag. Besides these, you might want to carry a proper makeup kit. If you have a makeup artist coming over to doll you up, then there might not be a need for the entire makeup kit. But the basic necessities mentioned above are definitely must haves, for touching up your makeup from time to time.
  4. THE HAIR BAG: The hair bag includes all your hair essentials. It includes must-haves like bobby pins, tic-tac clips, hair bands, hair brush, jewelry hair combs, hair brooches, flowers that you intend to wear in your hair, hairspray, baby oil, hair cream/gel, ironing/ curling machine, etc. If you can think of any other basic mane taming necessities, you are welcome to add them to this list.
  5. SHOE BAG : This bag should include the pair of heels you plan on wearing on the wedding day. If you aren’t comfortable traveling in heels, you could wear a pair of flats and then change into heels on reaching the venue. You could even carry the pair of flats for dancing and then change into heels later.
  6.  THE TID-BIT BAG : This bag includes all the bare essentials that you shall need for your wedding day. This bag shall include things like a packet or two of wet tissues, your perfume/ deodorant, safety pins, moisturizer, Band-Aids, sanitary pads/ tampons, mouthwash/ mints, hand sanitizer, a small pair of scissors, etc.
  7. THE SNACK BAG : Your wedding day is going to be a long, tiring day which may badly affect your hunger and make you a hell a lot of tired at the end of the day! It is extremely necessary that you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated, to ensure you are fresh throughout the day. Keep sipping water from a bottle with a straw at regular intervals. You might even carry energy drinks or energy bars! A couple of snickers can always save the day!
  8. THE ACCESSORIES BAG : The accessories bag is an extremely important bag, as it includes all your valuables and in some cases, family heritage jewels. Make a list of all the ornament that you intend to carry and double-check the items on this list before leaving home and before leaving from the venue. This bag shall include everything from your mang-tikka and bindi to your bangles and baju-bandh to your necklaces and jhumkas and payals, etc.
  9. THE DOCUMENTS FOLDER :  This folder should include all your important documents which is very important if you plan to move states or move to a new nation. If you are leaving for your honeymoon on the same day as your wedding day, then it must include your travel related documents like passport, tickets, visa documents, etc.
  10. THE MEDICATION BAG : This bag should include not only basic necessities like Aspirin but also your important medications that might be needed in case of an emergency. Get a list of medicines from your family doctor and keep them handy!
  11. THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S APPOINTMENT: You need to have a prior appointment with the photographer regarding your wedding day photoshoots. In case, it’s a destination wedding; you need to notify the photographer in advance about all the things and special candid elements you need in your wedding album.
  12. THE CATERER’S APPOINTMENT : Food is an important part of every Indian wedding. You need to have a prior appointment with the caterer to discuss your menu for the big day. Also, any intimations about allergies or particular preferences must be kept in mind while deciding the menu!
  13. THE MANDAP ARRANGEMENTS : Mandap designs need to be finalized well in advance before the ceremony. If the decorations are to be done with any particular floral preferences, then orders have to be placed well in advance. Also, keep in mind the guest list, before selecting the Mandap venue. The seating arrangement around the Mandap must also be kept in mind by the couple, depending upon the family members they want closest to them, during the ceremony and rituals.
  14. THE TRANSPORTATION ARRANGEMENTS : In case you need to pick up relatives from far, then you obviously would need to hire transportation facilities for the same. A prior appointment with a transportation firm will help in the smooth running of things on the final day. Also, you must appoint a responsible family member or friend, to ensure the smooth running of the same.

If you keep the above checklist in mind, we assure you a stress-free, hassle-free wedding with no last minute errands or glitches. All the work will be carried out in a smooth sailing way! Follow our checklist and have a Happy Wedding!

10 Indian Bridal Portrait Poses

1. The Mirror Pose
This one manages to catch a reflective moment just before the bride goes ahead with her vows. It captures a personal moment and is a simple yet classy pose.

2. A Full Length Portrait
A full length portrait involves the bride standing in her regal beauty, complete with a festive background. Remember to make the portrait look complete – include flowers in the background if you must, but ensure the bride remains the focus.

3. One With the Pet
A picture perfect with the royal canine just before getting married should definitely make it to the list. The paw-sitively adorable pup is going to miss you for sure!

4. A Sexy Back Pose
All too often, a bride’s blouse gets neglected, since it gets covered by her dupatta. Get a photo of her back to capture the glory of her gorgeous hair and the elegant silhouette of her ghaghra.

5. The Runaway Bride Pose
It is one of the best-selling shots that puts an Indian bride in a cheekily fun manner. A million dreams in her eyes and the unparalleled charm of getting married can be reflected well in this pose.

6. Mudra Pose
Sitting on the floor with the ghaghra spread around her is one of our personal favourites for a bridal photoshoot. The border and intricacies of the skirt come to light in this pose, as does the subtleties of her makeup and jewellery.

7. The Quirky Bride Pose
Well, as the name suggests, this one is for the brides who want to look their quirkiest best. The bride has all the freedom in this case- make funny faces or use props. It’s you at your funkiest best.

8. Up Close and Personal
A close up of the bride is a no-brainer for a wedding album. Try to click the jewellery and makeup along with the dupatta over her forehead for a perfect shot.

9. The Jewellery Pose
This one is for brides who are all about the glitz. Get your photographer to click you as such that your jewellery becomes the centre of focus. Be it your tiny maang tikka or heavy solitaire- use this to focus on the jewellery that might otherwise get lost in pictures.

10. The Wide Starry Eyed Pose
This one’s a candid yet personal picture that captures the bride’s beauty up close and personal. Preferably during the pheras, this click will capture the overwhelming feeling every bride goes through during her vows.



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