Tips and Ideas for an Eco-friendly Wedding!!

While there are many ways to have an eco-friendly wedding, there are some easy ways to reduce waste and avoid plastic at Indian shaadis. If you think it will mean your wedding looks drab, you definitely use these simple yet amazing tips to have an eco-friendly wedding. So whether you’re someone who consciously tries to reduce their carbon footprint or you’re the person who just said “carbon what?” – these are some simple tips for keeping any big fat Indian wedding minimally wasteful.

The Reception Venue

We know outdoor ceremony and receptions don’t work for everyone. If you want to be indoors, there are several ways you can make it green. First, hold your ceremony and reception in one place—no one will have to travel to get from one event to the next, which cuts back on fuel emissions. Or choose a venue that gets plenty of sunlight and host a daytime wedding so you can leave the lights off. Another way to be green indoors: Look for hotels that recycle and use energy-efficient appliances and biodegradable products.

The Flowers

Ask your florist about in-season and local flowers to insure the freshest, best quality stems at the best price. If you have your heart set on a flower that isn’t in season and a seasonal, Consult your florist regarding the same and you can use some replica. This means that the blooms aren’t grown with chemicals or grown under harsh working conditions. Don’t want your beautiful flowers thrown away after your celebration? Work with a company that will pick up the arrangements and reuse them.

The Catering

Food is the center of any celebration, and going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste! When you’re budgeting, keep in mind that organic foods may cost more, but asking your caterer to source from in-season, locally-grown products will help keep the cost down and guarantee the freshest finds. You can also work with a neighborhood baker to see if they’re on board to use locally-sourced ingredients (like eggs and dairy products) for the cake. When bought directly from growers, food needs less time in the fridge and less packaging to stay fresh, so you’re being especially kind to Mother Earth, too. And since the food is coming from a shorter distance, less fuel is needed to transport it. Really want to impress your guests? Supplement your table decor with herb plants in terra cotta pots, like basil or cilantro, that guests can add straight to their dishes.


The Stationery

Millions of trees are toppled every year to make paper products, and the process of producing these items pollutes the environment. Now more and more couples are trying to help by making eco-conscious invite choices. We do recommend old school snail mail for the wedding invitations, but for save-the-dates, paperless is becoming more and more common. You can also reduce the inserts in your invitations by directing people to your wedding website for any extra details. For your invitation, keep an eye out for stationers who offer recycled paper products and vegetable-based inks

The Favors

For an eco-friendly wedding, look for plantable favors like potted saplings, herbs or succulents. If a lot of your guests are traveling, keep in mind that they probably won’t want to pack a pot of soil into their suitcase, so consider biodegradable seed packets if you’re committed to the plant route. Or, go edible. Look to local businesses like coffee houses for a bag of their signature beans, candy shops for chocolate bars (easy on the paper wrapping) or jams in reusable glass jars from an orchard. Another idea? Send your guests home with your wedding flowers—have an attendant ready to arrange your florals into individual bouquets for friends and family to enjoy for a few more days in their homes. For a totally different option, go for a charity donation. Display a sign letting guests know you’ve made a donation to a meaningful cause in lieu of favors, or pick a few of your favorites and let guests choose: Set out information on each charity, designate it a color, and allow guests to read up on them all and decide which organization they’d like you to donate to on their behalf.

The Potted Plants as Aisle Decorations

When you are choosing decorations that you want to use for your wedding it’s best to take the time to choose affordable options that can be used again and again if possible. Many people do not want to use fake flowers at their wedding because they feel that it creates a tacky vibe but using plants that can be replanted and items that are made from recycled materials allows you to get the visual look that you want, while still ensuring that nothing has to be harmed in the decorating process for your wedding

The Reusable Wedding Signage

Display signs at the wedding have moved on from the basic “Mr. & Mrs. Welcomes you’  to now displaying the couples’ favourite love quotes or even the wedding hashtag at the venue! You can choose to use material that can get re-used later.

Customised Bride & Groom Chairs

A lot of couples are choosing to create personalized, beautiful bride & groom chairs for them to sit on – either during the Sangeet dance performances or at the end-of-the-evening family dinner table.

Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose!

If you want a green wedding, you don’t necessarily have to buy or get something new. You can easily repurpose what already lies around your house! These are some awesome ways to repurpose that, honestly, you can easily DIY for your Mehendi function: like Repurpose used coconut shells as planters or adorn them with flowers. You could also repurpose all those wine bottles at home as an easy DIY aisle decor for a Mehendi function

Eco-Friendly Material to Decorate the Bar

The bar & food areas have become a central decor piece over the last few years, with couples coming up with really creative ideas on how to decorate them!

Use What’s Already At The Venue

Consider using the naturally available structures at the venue, and incorporating them into the decor. This helps with keeping additional decor material to a minimum.


Do’s & Don’ts for Summer Weddings

Weddings in India mostly take place in the summer and winter. While the weather during the winters is conducive to indoor weddings, summers pose a challenge for any kind of wedding. In view of this, you may consider the following do and don’ts for summer weddings to make it easier on the guests and the bride and groom.

1 Send your invitations well in advance

Summer may be a popular season to get married. However, it is also the time when everyone plans their holidays and leisure travel. Therefore, it would be wise to inform your guests of the wedding date in advance so that they can also plan accordingly.

2 Provide heat relief

Offer your guests a refreshing and cool welcome drink. You may serve more drinks during the entire duration of the function to keep your guests hydrated and relaxed. Consider including milk shakes and fresh fruit juices in your menu. If it suits your theme and budget, you could include ice candies. Children would love this and it helps to beat the heat as well. Also, select your wedding venue so that there is spite from the heat for your guests. Ensure there is plenty drinking water available to the guests at all times.

3. Consider the time for your wedding

If possible, plan your wedding towards early morning or evening time. Avoid noon and afternoons since this time of the day can get quite unbearably hot for you as well as your guests. If you book an outdoor wedding venue, ensure that there is adequate shade and consider having fans and the comfort of air-conditioned tents. As an after thought, you could provide trendy umbrellas, which enhance the wedding photos. Think about the variety and colour it could add to your wedding album.

4. Consider summer friendly attire

In India, most cultures require the bride to dress grandly in heavy brocades, jewellery, elaborate hair-do and flowers. Incorporating all this into the bride’s attire gives the bride a beautiful and glamorous appearance. However, it can get a little bit uncomfortable during the summer season. It is important that you stay comfortable during your wedding ceremony. Therefore, consider selecting a lighter fabric for your wedding attire. It will help keep your energy levels from going down due to the heat. Moreover, you can enjoy every moment of your wedding. Considering your guest’s comfort, you may suggest a light dress code for them too.

5. Sport a summer friendly hair-do

Along with the fabric and jewelry, it is also important to consider your bridal hair-do. If you would prefer to stay cool, opt for an elegant style with your hair done up in an elegant bun or knot. Long flowing hair looks chic too but try it only if you feel you can carry it off in the heat of the summer. Another option is to highlight your hair. It looks great in photographs. Summer heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Therefore, it is essential to start taking proper care of your hair in advance so that it has a shiny smooth and silky look on the wedding day. Frizzy hair is not what you want in your wedding photographs.

6 . Don’t overlook sun and bug protection

Apart from the issue of your skin getting tanned, summer season also brings with it the problem of bugs and insects. Take care to apply sun protection cream and mosquito repellents. Fumigating the venue or placing insect repellents in the venue will help keep the bugs away from your guests as well. This is essential to keep your guests comfortable else, you may find them excusing themselves earlier than required.

7. Décor

Flowers form a major part of wedding decoration in India. Abundance of beautiful flowers are available in the summer months. You may use these seasonal flowers to decorate your wedding venue. This will also help keep your budget in check. peak to your wedding planner or vendor to avail the best offer.

8. Consider serving a light menu

Appetites are generally low during the hot summer months. Heavy and oily foods are not very tempting and pleasing to the eye. Consider opting for light, refreshing and appealing food. Keep more variety in cool desserts and fresh fruit. For the main course, plan a great meal with your caterer.

9.Powder Room

Consider having a powder room at your wedding venue for your guests where they can freshen up so that they can get some relief from the heat. You could provide some spray bottles, wet wipes and tissues for your guest’s use.

We understand planning a wedding can get very time-consuming. You could easily overlook little things that matter. Therefore, whenever you are planning your summer wedding, you can take a few pointers from our page to have a refreshing and memorable summer wedding.

10.Venue – Indoors or outdoors?

if you wish to have an indoors wedding venue, you may select from the wide variety of air-conditioned banquet halls and wedding halls. In case you are keen on having an outdoor wedding, you can consider a rooftop wedding venue and an evening wedding. A marriage hall with big windows would be great if you want an air-conditioned environment and still have an outdoors feel with the view of the city line or the beautiful sunset from the windows. Another option for outdoor weddings is beachside hotels or resorts. Whatever your plan for the outdoors, do have a backup plan ready just in case the weather turns unfavorable.


Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner!!!!!

Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner!!!!!

I have often been asked about my job and what it is that I do. As soon as I said “I’m a Wedding and Event Planner” it was usually followed by a lot of giggles and then a whisper of “What is it that you actually do?” I found in my travels that many brides and for that matter non-brides, didn’t really understand what it was that a Wedding Planner did and therefore wouldn’t see the need to hire one. So, what I would like to do in this blog post is to de-mystify the world of wedding planning and show you how to sell your services to your potential clients.
The easiest way to do this is to probably give you the Top Ten things that a Wedding Planner can do for a bride.

1. Save You Time – for all those career women out there who barely have time to eat lunch let alone surf the internet all day looking for all things bridal, we are the perfect solution. Think of us as your Wedding PA.

2. Save You Money – we are your wedding budget gurus. There aren’t many money saving tips that we don’t know about. Think of us as your Wedding Finance Experts.

3. Save Your Relationship – we are your regular live savers. Without us you have a stressed hubby-to-be whose eyes glaze over every time you mention the dreaded ‘W’ word. Think of us your Wedding Councillor.

4. Turn Dreams Your into Reality – with a wave of our wands we can turn even the most ugly of venues into a palace. Think of us as your Wedding Fairy Godmothers.

5. Negotiate Huge Discounts for You – we know all the tricks in the book and all the best suppliers in town. Think of us as your Wedding Shoppers.

6. Save Your Sanity – wave all your worries goodbye. We are here to take care of all those little details that drive you insane. Think of us as your Wedding Sanity Savers.

7. Be Your Wedding Experts – from etiquette to table centre pieces this is what we do for a living. We are to Weddings what Lawyers are to Courts. Think of us as your Wedding Advisors.

8. Create Your Wedding Schedules – from the suppliers to the bridal party we create detailed itineraries that cope with every little thing. Think of us as Your Wedding Scheduler.

9. Be Your Go-Between – we are the middle man. We smooth the waters and return calm to your normally well-ordered life. Think of us as your Wedding Salvation.

10. Orchestrate your entire wedding – your are the star, your groom is the leading man, your guests are the extra’s and your crew are the suppliers. Add to this lights, camera and action and you have a fully produced wedding. Think of us as your Wedding Day Director.