10 Indian Bridal Portrait Poses

1. The Mirror Pose
This one manages to catch a reflective moment just before the bride goes ahead with her vows. It captures a personal moment and is a simple yet classy pose.

2. A Full Length Portrait
A full length portrait involves the bride standing in her regal beauty, complete with a festive background. Remember to make the portrait look complete – include flowers in the background if you must, but ensure the bride remains the focus.

3. One With the Pet
A picture perfect with the royal canine just before getting married should definitely make it to the list. The paw-sitively adorable pup is going to miss you for sure!

4. A Sexy Back Pose
All too often, a bride’s blouse gets neglected, since it gets covered by her dupatta. Get a photo of her back to capture the glory of her gorgeous hair and the elegant silhouette of her ghaghra.

5. The Runaway Bride Pose
It is one of the best-selling shots that puts an Indian bride in a cheekily fun manner. A million dreams in her eyes and the unparalleled charm of getting married can be reflected well in this pose.

6. Mudra Pose
Sitting on the floor with the ghaghra spread around her is one of our personal favourites for a bridal photoshoot. The border and intricacies of the skirt come to light in this pose, as does the subtleties of her makeup and jewellery.

7. The Quirky Bride Pose
Well, as the name suggests, this one is for the brides who want to look their quirkiest best. The bride has all the freedom in this case- make funny faces or use props. It’s you at your funkiest best.

8. Up Close and Personal
A close up of the bride is a no-brainer for a wedding album. Try to click the jewellery and makeup along with the dupatta over her forehead for a perfect shot.

9. The Jewellery Pose
This one is for brides who are all about the glitz. Get your photographer to click you as such that your jewellery becomes the centre of focus. Be it your tiny maang tikka or heavy solitaire- use this to focus on the jewellery that might otherwise get lost in pictures.

10. The Wide Starry Eyed Pose
This one’s a candid yet personal picture that captures the bride’s beauty up close and personal. Preferably during the pheras, this click will capture the overwhelming feeling every bride goes through during her vows.



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